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RePLAY Season 20-21 beginning on-line now.

It is time to be game-changers!! How can we move more and have more fun doing it?

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Re-PLAY  FLL season mat

FLL "Re-PLAY" season 2020-21 Challenge

It is time for us to revolutionize the way we play and move. It is time to be game changers. In 20-21 RePLAY, you will explore ways to play and be active. More and more people are not active enough. Playing makes being active more fun. You get creative when you want to play, and it is this creativity that can help motivate us to be more active. How and where can we help people be more active? How can we motivate our community and impact the future? What solutions can we create now to help everyone to a fun and active future? It will take teamwork, imagination, and creativity leading the way to fun and active lifestyles for everyone.

Re-PLAY Challenge links
City Shaper Research Projects
  • Modular Zombies: Spokane has housing shortage and approximately 500 Zombie houses. Solution: use factory-built modular units, arranging more than one on a lot to replace abandoned/foreclosed homes.
  • EEMIX: STA buses have space for only 2/3 bicycles on front of buses. Solution: Designed a fold-up seat that converts to an on-board bike rack with wheel tie-downs for additional bike riders.
Into Orbit FLL Team Mikrosprossen 2018/19 project
microsprout seed packets
Seed packet experiments for microgreens
Schmutzdecke Schemers FLL #4700 HydroDynamics 2017 Project Information
Greywater Garden Filter
Do-It-Yourself Grey Water Garden Filter
Animal Allies team 4700 Project
Robot-Wolves Team #4700
Animal Allies 2016  Robo-Wolves robot ending place