Discover Birds at Turnbull

Turnbull Bird Guide Cover

The field guide to birds at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge is finally at the printer and will be printed and available to distribution and sale by the end of July, 2012. This guide will be used by students from the greater Spokane area who go on field trips to the Refuge.


The cover features Solo, a Trumpeter Swan who lived at the Refuge for a long time. The field guide features 45 birds commonly seen at Turnbull organized by habitats found at Turnbull - forest, grasslands, riparian and wetlands. Students in the 3rd and 4th grades researched between 1 and 5 birds each and wrote a summary of facts about their bird and then they drew a picture. Their work was paired with professional photographs by local photographers.

In addition there are pages describing the habitats, the geology of Turnbull and an explanation of the "Channeled Scablands". A glossary and bird parts diagram, a bibliography, and index are also included. The book also includes an Introduction by Rich Landers.


You can get a preview of the book by downloading a .pdf of the cover, first 5 pages, including the Preface and Introduction, and the page of author's photos.

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Discover Birds at Turnbull Preface/Introduction

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