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Summer 2024 Lego Camps

There will be two weeks of Lego Robotics Summer camps: first week, a theme or simulation camp, 2024 theme is "Robot Zoo"; second week is the Lego Challenge camp. (Engineers section filled in both camps as of 3/26/24; Builders camps have 1 space left in the Challenge Camp as of 4/12/24) The Theme week camps may emphasize building and designing robots and useful attachments to accomplish the tasks. The Lego Challenge week camp may emphasize more precise programming/coding to accomplish the challenges.

2024 Camp Description

2024 Camp Registration Form

Suggested process:

  1. Fill in the Registration Form on your computer; text boxes and the click in the appropriate age box for either Builder or Engineer - there is a check mark if you click in the rightside of box.
  2. Export as pdf from your computer.
  3. Change name of file to include your family name, and attach to email to Molly Z. or follow the process to mail Registration form with payment. Use of Paypal is also encouraged; instructions on form.

The camps fill quickly, so timely decision is essential.

JUNE 24 - 28, 2024 = Lego Robot Zoo Camp

Builders – children entering grades 1– 3: (Filled as of 4/12/24)

Your task this week is to build and program a Lego robot animal who moves around to find food, and care for young. You will also build a habitat for your animal to "live" in. Builders will use motors, gears, and Lego bricks and WeDo,

Engineers – children entering grades 4 - 7 (Filled as of 3/26/24)

Engineers will build a robot animal with the Lego Mindstosrms Spike Prime/EV3 bricks and program them to move around to find food, use sensors to avoid enemies, and to care for young. Engineer campers will also build a habitat for their animal to live in.

July 8 - 12, 2024 = Lego Challenge Camp

Builders – children entering grades 1– 3: (1 space left as of 4/12/24)

Campers will be challenged to design a motorized or simple machine model that can meet a daily challenge involving levers, gears, pulleys, wheels & axels and programming WeDo models.

Engineers – children entering grades 4 - 7:(Filled as of 3/24/24)

Campers will build a robot with Spike Prime or EV3 programmable bricks and program it to meet increasingly difficult challenges, following mazes, using sensors, following lines, and writing computer code/programs to solve tasks on the First Lego League "Superpowered" robot game board.

Camp Information

  • Where: camps meet in rooms at Westminster Congregational UCC Church at corner of 4th Avenue and Washington Street, near downtown Spokane
  • When: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
  • Cost: $180.00 week
  • Questions and contact Discovery Robots .   Thanks.