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FLL Challenge Teams 23/24 Season "Masterpiece"

FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams #1932, #4700 and #57092

From August- December each year we organize and coach FIRST Lego League Teams #4700,   #1932 and #57092  for the season within the state of Washington. 2023 - 2024 Season called Masterpiece will begin August 22, 2023 with an organizational meeting.  For more information email 

Lights, camera, STEAM! Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) inspire big ideas, bold action – and creativity. Our skills make it possible to create art and experiences that bring us together, entertain us, and move us. We're shining a spotlight on the role STEM plays in the arts and empowering young people to design and build a world of endless possibilities. The future is a place you will create.

This year's FIRST LEGO League challenge is called MASTERPIECE. Students will look at the connections between technology and the arts. Students will use FIRST Core Values (Discovery, Innovation, Teamwork, Inclusion, Impact and Fun) and the Engineering Design Process to design, build and program a robot to complete missions on the Robot Game Board, and to propose an innovative way to share and enhance the story of their hobbies using creative technologies. All their results will be demonstrated in an event of sharing and competition at the end of the season. Spokane Region FLL Competition days = second weekend of December, at Freeman Middle School.

Masterpiece FLL season mat - note there are two home/launch areas!!

Previous years FLL Themes and Team projects

Superpowered 22/23

#4700 "Solar Rays" solved an energy problem by developing a clear film to apply to windows to collect solar rays and convert to dc electrical current. They earned a place in the Eastern WA state Championship with an award for Robot Design.

#1932 "Team NRgEEE" worked on a campaign to spread the word about using your smart meter to better manage energy use at home and produced a 30 public service announcement. They earned a place in the Eastern WA state Championship with the highest robot Game score and runner up Champions Award for overall performance.

#57092 "Wireless Wits" studied the possibilities for wireless energy transmission and built a great robot.

Cargo Connect 21/22

#4700, "The Cargo Cats," enabled a local Import Fairtrade company improve its tracking of burlap bales of goods shipped from Nepal to US as cargo on passenger airline planes with innovative use of Apple AirTags.

#1932, TA FRAANK, created an app prototype to enable the scientists monitoring the barging of Salmon smolt around dams on the Snake and Columbia Rivers to get read-outs of water temperature, oxygenation levels, and exact position of the barges to intervene if necessary, improving the safety of transporting young Salmon.

Re-PLAY 20/21

#4700 worked on an app to facilitate Classroom "brain breaks" or exercise after sitting for long periods.

City Shaper 19/20

Modular Zombies: Spokane has housing shortage and approximately 500 Zombie houses. Solution: use factory-built modular units, arranging more than one on a lot to replace abandoned/foreclosed homes.

EEMIX: STA buses have space for only 2/3 bicycles on front of buses. Solution: Designed a fold-up seat that converts to an on-board bike rack with wheel tie-downs for additional bike riders.