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FLL Challenge Teams

From August to January each year, we organize and coach FIRST Lego League Challenge Teams #4700, #1932, and #57092  for the season within the state of Washington. 2023 - 2024 Season called "Masterpiece" is about STEAM = the arts with Science, & Technology, We're shining a spotlight on the arts and empowering young people to design and build a world of  endless possibilities. The future is a place you will create!

FLL Explore Teams

We organize and mentor/coach FIRST Lego League Explore teams within the state of Washington. Small groups of students are challenged each year with a new theme  ---  "Masterpiece" in 2023/2024  relates to STEAM and challenges students to create art and experiences that bring us together, entertain us, and move us. Students learn about the theme and then build a modle to illustrate using arts and creativity.


Summer Camps

Two weeks of camp: a Theme/Simulation week and a Challenge week

June 24 - 28, 2024 Lego Robot Zoo - build an animal and habitat
(Engineers section filled as of 3/26/24 and Builders section filled as of 4/12/24)

July 8 - 12, 2024 Lego Challenge Camp Week
(Engineers section filled as of 3/24/24 and 1 space in Builders section as of 4/12/24)

Two age groups each week– Builders – children entering grades 1-3 and Engineers – children entering grades 4-7.

FLL Resources

Check out the useful resource links for building and programming with Spike Prime and EV3 Mindstorm robots and WeDo 2.0 and other simple machines models.